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"I am constantly amazed by what we learn about ourselves when we learn more about our bodies.  The intelligence of the body and its ability to heal itself when it is fully supported is a miracle."

--Lisa L. Toney, LMT
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I had the great fortune to meet & work with an amazing healer,
Ela Rae Wilkinson,
recently ... the information she presented was different than any I had heard before but resonated with me as truth & the healing meditation she channeled blew me away.

I was so impressed that I quickly worked with Ela to schedule a time to get her down here & share her with my community.

If the energy of this message resonates with you, I encourage you to look at this flyer & call for more information & sign up as soon as you can.

There will be a limit to 20 attendees each day & everyone who attends will receive a discount on a private healing session that will help to integrate the information & new vibrations received.

This weekend is designed to provide deep healing & greater understanding of who you are as you journey deeper into your heart & soul.

CALL TO REGISTER 843.605.1460:

7/21/12 - Saturday - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

7/22/12 - Sunday - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm